Friday, March 09, 2007

Here we are dancing at a friend's wedding. I thought it was a nice picture and decided to share.

House Pictures

Okay, so I promised forever ago that I would post pictures of our new place. Finally I am keeping that promise! Let me give you a little...and I mean little...tour. (Not that our place is little, but the photos are few!)
This is the view looking in from the front door. This is our living room/dining room. A big place for entertaining. To the right is the staircase. Straight across is the back door that goes out to our carport and little paved patio.

This is our fireplace! We have enjoyed many fires this past cold winter.
This is my new dressing table in our bedroom. I love it! I have lots of drawers to keep all my stuff in and space to leave my makeup out!
Right now I don't have a picture of our room. It was kinda messy when I was taking pictures. But here are the curtains I made for our room...
So that's a nice peek at our place for now! Joshua just made some great tables in his furniture class, so I'll have to get some pictures of those up soon.