Wednesday, May 31, 2006

We're still here!

I know, I know, what is wrong with me that I haven't posted anything in a while? Well, lots has happened, but we lost our camera cable and were unable to download pictures. Finally a nice lady in the photo department of Wal-Mart sold me another cable. Woohoo!

So, let's see....where to begin?

I'll start from where we left off...
(These will be posted backwards so that when you read them it will be in chronological order...tricky, huh?) =)

Dallas and Cheesecake

Before Joshua headed back to work full-time, we took an afternoon to head into Dallas. We visited a couple museums and then went to the Cheesecake Factory (the real reason for the trip!). It was everything I thought it would be! =)

We visited the Nasher museum in Dallas and there was an exhibit about the architect who designed the building. Pretty cool display. I had to pry Joshua away after spending 45 minutes looking at models and sketches and drawings.

Brittany's Wedding

The next day we headed to Jacksonville, Texas for my friend Brittany's wedding. We had the rehearsal and dinner on Thursday. We didn't really know anyone else in the wedding, so we spent the dinner talking to the music pastor and his wife. They are neat people. We stayed that night in Longview with my college roommate, Kristen, and her husband. It was so good to see her again after a whole year! The wedding was Friday night and everything went wonderfully. Brittany was absolutely beautiful!

We had a great time. And we are glad that we are on this side of the wedding process!

Monday, May 15, 2006

The planes, the planes!

This was our first weekend without any studying or homework! Yay! So we went to the Fort Worth airshow with some friends.

It was fun looking at all the planes and watching them do stunts in the air. My goodness, they are talented pilots!

This was one of my favorites because the propellers looked really cool. The big disc on top is for radar surveillance of ground fighting.

Having a real weekend to just hang out and have fun is so great! =)

We've been hit!

Friday evening we headed out to meet some friends from A&M. We were minding our own business, negotiating the yield-to-merge-into-traffic half-lane, when suddenly...we got rear-ended!

It really wasn't that bad. No one was hurt except our poor truck. The guy who hit us was young and it was his first accident, so he was pretty upset. Unfortunately, because of the way it hit, the tailgate, bumper, and side panel will all have to be replaced.

However, we proceeded to have a wonderful time with our friends. =)

Monday, May 08, 2006

So what do you do on a Sunday night just before Joshua's last final? Watch Lord of the Rings and eat spinach & artichoke dip and s'mores for dinner, of course! =)

At least, that's what we did! One of my friends from seminary has not seen the Lord of the Rings movies, so she came over for movie night and we made s&a dip and a layer dip for dinner, along with some fresh fruit, and ate s'mores for dessert. The movie was a good 3 hours, at least, and we enjoyed every moment of our fun movie night. Of course, we still have 2 more movies in the trilogy to go, so we'll have to come up with other creative ideas for dinner.

All suggestions are welcome!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Finish the race...

Woohoo! Classes for the semester are finished for me! It feels to good to have all of that finished. Don't get me wrong, I loved my classes. But there is just something about crossing that "finish line" each semester that makes you want to get up and shout. Today, however, my body has given out on me and I think a post-semester nap is in order.

Joshua has one final left on Monday. He will start working full time at the architecture firm when I start my summer class at the end of May. Until then he will keep working his part-time schedule so we can have some vacation time to enjoy no homework. Yay!

Now, off to nap...

Joshua's final presentation

On Monday Joshua had his final presentation for his architecture studio class. He had many sleepless and almost sleepless nights to complete this group project. But their hard work payed off and they had a beautiful project to turn in. He invited me to their presentation during their class time and I went as the proud wife, ready to reclaim her husband after the presentations were over. =)

Their project really was one of the best in the class -- decided by a class vote after the presentations. Joshua will no doubt make a wonderful architect. He has the vision and the eye for it, along with the willingness to put in the work needed to get the job done.